Monday, November 9, 2009


A Few months ago our "family" was shocked to learn that our local Seattle boy Timmy was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma. A very aggressive form of cancer. We immediately put everything on hold and did what any family would do. We made his treatment and recovery our number one priority. This meant taking a break from my blog. It's been several grueling months but Timmy is responding well to his treatment and the outpouring of love and support from our Leather family and friends has been truly inspirational.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. It still amazes me every time I hear how my story has helped you by creating a bridge between spirituality and kink.
It's good to be writing again and I'm very excited to present some long overdue posts over the next few weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Mr Chris Yosef,

    I need to say thank you for the emotions that your words make me feel.
    How nice to make me sure that the things that I believe are real, while the others insist on telling me the opposite.
    I am fascinated to know that I have a million things to learn, a sea of feelings to try.

    Reading your blog, I can hear the sound of your words in my head, it is a quiet voice, soft, clear.

    As a special person told me ... you are an exceptional individual.

    keep your eyes open.

    You have my admiration.