Friday, April 17, 2009


If someone tells me they have no ego, I know that they have been fooled, that is the ego talking. I also very rare for anyone to ever remove ego consciousness. The fact is the ego has many benefits once you understand it's nature. The idea is that we become the master and the ego the slave. I have to bite my tongue when people tell me they have been in therapy for years, I tried it and although it has it's benefits it is not the solution and allot of times just keeps the person dwelling and over analyzing their past. The idea is to be in the present. The ego consciousness keeps us enslaved in the past and future, that is how it survives, using the past as a source to feed our minds with negative mental dialogue that makes us fall into victim consciousness and depression and worry about the future to feed our minds with worrying about things that haven't happened yet creating anxiety.
With all this time spent in the past and future we have very little time to be in the moment, which is the goal of the ego. Because the only way we can connect to the "Light" is being completely present and in the moment. It's also the way to have a life without side effects to go with the sex without side effects.
A brief explanation of what I mean by "Light."
Kabbalah and Science both explain that the world is divided in 10 dimensions. The first nine dimensions called the 99% we cannot perceive and it is the bottom dimension, the 1% which is the world that we perceive, this is the world of the 5 senses. The Light is the source of all our happiness and emanates from this 99% reality. The 1% reality is the only dimension the Ego can function. The ego's job is to keep us disconnected from this 99% reality by constantly dwelling in the past and future, because the only way to connect to the 99% is in the present.

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