Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Back in March, when Tony decided he wanted to spend some time together in my home city Vancouver. I came up with an idea to organize an event. Tony has allot of fans in Vancouver and I knew if we went out on the town he would be approached ALLOT. so I decided why not make the best of it and give him an opportunity to do what he loves to do, show off his rope skills and hog tying boys, and what I love to do, raise money for charity and get tied up. I'm good at organizing events and this was a no-brainer. With a few calls, e-mail exchanges and a last minute meeting with the boys at the PUMPJACK (insert side note:This last minute meeting somehow ended with me getting piss ass drunk and my bartender friend slipping a 10 to the cabby to take me home which was 2 blocks away, but that's another story) So with the help of Priape we put together some prizes and giveaways as well as a few of Tony's movies courtesy of Titan to auction off we had ourselves an event. We had a great time and all the proceeds raised went to benefit the GLBT Centre Vancouver’s Bute Street Clinic.

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