Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Now that I have had a full week to process and think about what I could write about regarding IML that hasn't already been said by Tony on his website regarding the overall blow by blow of the weekend from a general perspective, here is an abbreviated version: We had a FUCKING BLAST and it was non stop from beginning to end. If you want a run down of our hectic weekend which included ShibariCon, Working the Titan/Priape booth at the leather mart Saturday, Sunday and Monday, The Grabby Awards and various play parties I recommend visiting Tony's website at www.tonybuff.com or clicking the link to the right. Tony has also posted some great video shot by director Brian Mills during our days working the Titan booth at the mart.
Now for some thoughts and obsevations from my perspective, that may not be so obvious from the weekend, I'd first like to say what a joy it was to have everyone together and I mean everyone, including extended family and by everyone I mean Tony, Derek and myself, the pup Element, boy Ben from Washington DC, Derek's partner Doug and his collared boy JC and his boy David. The only ones missing were Rico from San Francisco and Timmy from Seattle, Yes the family is large.
A keen observation occured to me sometime during the weekend about Tony. Since being back in Tony's life several people have questioned why Tony has so many boys, pups and even a kitten. It's interesting that out of all the family member's people feel they can express their opinion whether good or bad to me. Perhaps it's my non-judgemental nature or maybe it's just because I'm the only one in the family who doesn't carry a weapon. Or it's because they feel I'm the least likely to cause bodily harm if they step out of line our cause insult to me or my loved ones. Little do they realize that I am never more than a few feet away from either Tony or Derek and with a quick signal my Alpha's will attack. Just sayin!
Some people see it as greedy, some as needy, some are just envious, other just amazed that one man can satisfy the demands of so many boys and a girl plus still have the energy to "perform" on film. My realization and subsequent answer is this. He is ITALIAN! Tony is pure and simple 100% unequivicaly Italian with a capital "I" in every way possible. He eats like an Italian, He drinks like an Italian, my favorite, fucks like an Italian and loves like an Italian. Italians are just made differnently, they do everything with intensity, passion and most importantly thrive on "LA FAMIGLIA" the family, It's the most important thing to them. The bigger the better and this is, I realized Tony's version of the big Italian family. So to answer all the critics who can't see past the Poly, Leather, BDsm, Kink and Queer Deviance, I say "YES WE ARE" and it's because he's "Italian." Oh and If you don't like it you can "VA FAN CULO" just sayin!

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