Monday, June 15, 2009


This past weekend I had my first solo gig (representing the Buff Family Dynasty as our pup Element has humorously tagged us) by having the distinct honor of being one of the judges for the first Vancouver Mr. Rubber contest. Tony and Derek were attending what has become one of their favorite annual leather/Sm runs, the San Francisco Men of Discipline’s Boot Camp in San Luis Obispo, CA. and enjoying some much needed bonding time.
The weekend was hosted by Montreal native and double title holder Mr American Rubber and Mr International Rubber2009 Stephane Donalson. Stephane is also the marketing director for Priape and creates allot of their leather and rubber fetish wear. His designs are truely amazing and borders on couture. After joining forces with Titan last year, you can now see allot of his amazing creations in Titan's fetish themed features like the recently released "FOLSOM FLESH" which features one of the hottest and visually stunning scenes Tony has done to date. So much so that his opening scene with newcomer Will Parker runs a whooping 56 min and is destined to be a classic.
I was brought to Stephane's attention through Tony and we started corresponding through Recon. We met in person shortly after at IML this year working the Titan/Priape booth and I got a sense right away we were kindred spirits. When Stephane mentioned he would be coming to Vancouver to organize the Mr. Rubber contest in Vancouver I of course jumped at the opportunity to help in anyway.
I was expecting my involvement to be a little more low key but shortly after Stephane flew into Vancouver he informed me he wanted me to be one of the judges. My first reaction was "I'm not worthy" but who am I to doubt a double title holder. Stephane had e-mailed me after IML and was really impressed with my professionalism, work ethic and how I handled the IML crowd. He assured me the only thing he was looking for was a good judge of character and he had no doubts about my ability to judge a competition. It was an amazing experience and the weekend was a huge success.

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