Monday, March 30, 2009


For most of my 20's I had a very conventional gay life and my experience and knowledge of the world of Leather/BDSM and Fetish was limited and uniformed to say the least.
On Sep. 11 2001 my limited and naive view of all aspects of life and humanity was quickly shattered into a million pieces as it was for so many others and I suddenly found myself questioning everything, everyone and grasping for answers to questions I didn't concern myself with when one lives in an uninformed and delusional bubble .
It is the one moment that I can say was not unique to me, but the whole world. What is unique is the cause and effect reaction this event had on humanity and this is where my story really begans. It would be the beginning of a most awesome journey.
There is a Kabbalistic saying "Are you walking the dog or is the dog walking you" I didn't even know there was a dog, "what the fuck, I don't see no dog".  But I would soon find out "who is the master and who is the slave" in what would be a series of beautiful examples of the paradox of life.
footnote: dog is a metaphor for the "ego"

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