Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As I was mentioned in my post FAMILY WEEKEND Part 1, I was looking forward to a much less hectic weekend than the last family gathering. Derek was flying in from Chicago and the pup Element was supposed to join us from Portland but had to cancel at the last minute. Although I was slightly disappointed at the loss of an opportunity for our new family to be together at the same time which isn't an easy task when every one lives in a different city, it did however provide an opportunity for me to finally get in some much overdue bonding time with Derek. The first task upon my arrival was a photo shoot with me playing photographer. Tony and Derek were preparing for their upcoming classes they would be teaching at this years ShibariCon over IML weekend in Chicago. The classes titled "One Rope, Two Knots and Three Ties" and "Partial Suspension Rigging for Play" needed some updated photo's for the full color slides and handouts they would be providing the attendees and I was honored to have the opportunity to contribute in any way. After an afternoon of taking photo's of Tony tying up Derek and seeing how excited he had become, I have never seen someone get so rock hard and drip so much pre-cum from being tied up. It really is a beautiful site to behold and after watching me salivate from both corners of my mouth, in typical Tony fashion and as a reward to his boys for a job well done, he gave me my cue to take care of my brother and with Derek still bound and raging with excitement, Tony threw a hood over his head and watched me pig out and hoover his cock to completion. A great starter to kick off the evening!
Later, we met up with Tony's girlfriend "Kitten" who I adore and has become part of our family. She is a stunningly sexy and beautiful 23 year old fashionista who also happens to be the kinkiest and most feral creature I have ever met of the feminine persuasion. She has managed to captivate Tony and it's quite endearing to watch, she also likes to bite.
Tony, Derek and myself met kitten for a nice dinner and later headed down to our favorite place to relax and be merry, the local watering hole. Derek and I continued our evening of bonding and as anticipated we dove into heavy conversation regarding spirituality, philosophy and dealing with the difficulties and adjustments of such a large Poly family that seemed to be growing exponentially by the minute.
Up until that weekend, I had always viewed Derek as the tough Alpha boy in the family, and he like myself and Tony for that matter do not suffer fools gladly. Although I was Tony's first collared boy and he was aware of our deep connection, I did however leave, and with a succession of boys after who turned out to be far from stellar and the cause of much pain and suffering for Tony, it was to be expected that it would take some time for him to trust me. I was fine with this, as a matter of fact I admired it. That evening we were bonding but there was also something more primal going on. We were testing each other, stripping away the layers and walls to see what was underneath. Something shifted with us after that evening and I saw Derek in a much different light. I saw someone who struggles with adjusting to sharing Tony and the pressure as the eldest boy to assist and help Tony care and set a good example for the younger members of the family. Ironically even though Derek and I are very different, I am actually very alpha in my own way. My alpha energy is much more feminine, not literally but metaphysically speaking. I am a natural caregiver and when I sense an imbalance in the harmony of the family my alpha kicks in and I take control of the situation and tend to every one's needs until balance has been restored. I think Derek found great relief in this and that I am there for him as well if he needs me as much as Tony needs me as his grounding force. As Derek expressed on his blog after that visit. " I may be Tony's alpha boy, but the alpha here doesn't mean that I'm his most important boy so much as I'm the one that must set the example for my younger brothers and must help Tony in caring for what has turned out to be a rather large family. Luckily, Chris has taken upon himself to help care for me as well - that is a nice thing and really appreciated. While I'm able to handle all this, it still can be a bit much for me, and it's good to know that I have someone beside Tony looking after my emotional state and helping me keep my balance as we all charge forward into what it rapidly turning into a very radical experiment in what family can be." True that Brother, True That!

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