Monday, May 4, 2009

"SHIN ALEPH HEY" the reuniting of soulmates

So on December 24th in a raging snow storm, I set off on my first trip to Seattle in 4 years. My arrival time was delayed due to the storm but eventually the shuttle arrived and I called a cab to take me to Tony's apartment. As the cab pulled up, to my delight Tony was waiting for me outside in the cold. As I exited the cab, all I could think about was having those big arms wrapped around my body. No awkward moments of silence, just a feeling of peace, it was if 4 years was just a day and there in that moment, I fully grasped the meaning of true unconditional love. What had taken me years to grasp, Tony had embodied all along. It's as if he new that this day would eventually come sooner or later. As the saying goes, home is were the heart is, and I was home at last.
That evening we went for drinks and lots of catching up at a neighborhood bar fondly nicknamed " the watering hole."
It was a surreal few days but one thing was clear, our deep connection was still very strong and although Tony's life had changed drastically, he made it clear that he wanted me back in his life. I would have lots of time to process this proposal, Of course there was no doubt that I wanted to be back in his life, but there were many things to consider.
I however had planned long before our reconnection to take a month off and travel, visit family. This gave me ample time to consider Tony's invitation to enter his world. What a ride this was going to be and in typical Tony fashion, there would never be a dull moment.
I decided before I even left for my month long trip I wanted to be back in his life. A life that now consisted of a collared boy in Chicago named Derek who introduced Tony to his now infamous career as a performer in "art film." The fact that he fully embraced a Polyamoros lifestyle and a crazy travel schedule of filming, teaching, and educating the Poly/Leather/BDsm community as well as his commitments and work at home in Seattle. To top it off, during our reconnection Tony was on the verge of a deal to be the first performer for Titan to be given his own line of films to co/direct which I am happy to report has happened and I would surprisingly be involved in. I would like to point out that before my reconnection with Tony I asked the universe, "Universe give me some excitement" well ask and you shall receive. I know Bette Davis said it in "All about Eve" but it's a line fit to come out of Tony's mouth. "FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, IT'S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE!"

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